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11:30pm: Bleh, I was logged in for 50 minutes tonight before I got my first call. And only 4.5 hours to go!

12:30am: And apparently $2/min is too much for anyone to pay to talk to me. :'( I hope it's not time to look for another service...

1:00am: Jeebus. Is it so fucking hard for you to just tell me what you want to hear? Do we have to play 20 questions? I'm not a mind-reader. You say you're dominant. Then dominate me, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!

4:30am: Fuck those cheap American bastards. 3 regulars tonight told me that I cost too much now. Apparently I cost twice as much as I did 2 weeks ago, that's why it's been slow. :( Love the Brits, though!

I didn't update but Friday night I was logged in for 2 hours, talked for 55 min, 6 calls. I was just exhausted and could barely hold my eyes open, so I logged off early. I could barely focus or put any energy into the calls I did take. I took Thursday and Saturday nights off.

Tonight I logged 4hr 40min, talked 123 min, 23 calls. It was a terrible slow night. I think my longest call was 15 minutes long.

When I first started, I was told that we were being changed from VIP to Platinum to justify the rate changes. But so far, I've had nothing but complaints from my regulars, who apparently aren't going to be my regulars anymore. :( I don't know what to do about it. I don't know if I have the option to go back to Premium, because there isn't VIP anymore. And if I did, I don't know that I would get paid the same. I mean, I'm costing twice as much now. It has made a huge dent in my calls. Even my picture guy called tonight but said he wouldn't connect because of the new rate. :(

I turned in my invoice for the 2/1 - 2/15 pay period. I logged a total of 53.6 hours, talked 1832 minutes, took 184 calls. Last period I logged 70.1 hours, talked 2513 minutes, took 240 calls. So my average this period was 57% talk time vs 60% talk time last period and my average call was about 10 minutes this period and 10.5 minutes last period. I just didn't work as many hours. I'm going to try to be more diligent this pay period, to see if I can hit those good numbers again. Although, with my current rates, it's not looking likely. Talking 45-60 minutes to someone at $1/min isn't bad, but paying twice that is definitely not good. I guess we'll see what happens.

I don't know that I will be doing daily recaps anymore, especially since my volume is down. I'm running into the same calls over and over. So I don't expect any unique calls anymore. I can't imagine it'll be very interesting to read the same things over and over. It sure isn't interesting to talk about them.

I guess I'm feeling a bit discouraged right about now.
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8pm: w00t! Got my first paycheck with my new PSO company today and it's more than I expected it to be, even if all my minutes were paid at the maximum rate!

11:50pm: My least favorite part of my job is how I am just tossed aside without an afterthought like a used, sticky tissue when they are done. I treasure the callers who take the time to say thank you.

3am: I really wish that these guys knew how to talk on the phone so that I can understand them. Mumbling and whispering so that I can't hear you is not conducive to a hot conversation!!!

4:15am: Logged 4hr 15min, talked 125min, 17 calls. Tired of the chat line, logging in to give the Brits a chance before I crash for the night.

Sadly, there were no truly interesting calls on the chat line tonight.

I think I may have lost one of my regulars, SSG, because our rates have gone up. Instead of being a VIP girl, I am now a Platinum girl. I didn't realize that change had not yet gone into effect. We were notified at the first of the year that it was changing. It actually was supposed to happen right before I started because they gave us a pay increase. They changed the name from Platinum to VIP to justify the rate increase. Apparently there are Premium girls as well, which don't work for my company, I guess. I haven't heard anything about them. Anyway, SSG said that while I deserve the pay increase because I'm good, he can get Premium girls to do the same things for less. So *shrug*. He's the first person that's mentioned anything about it.

I was so happy to get my paycheck today. And to see that it was even more than I expected it to be! Only by a few dollars, but I was paid more than $0.30/min for all of my minutes. Not just the ones over 1500 and/or during "happy hour." Unfortunately there wasn't a breakdown of my pay rate on my check stub. There was some talk of a "perfect attendance" bonus when I was hired, but I've never been told anything official.

6:50am: With the Brits, I logged 2hr 27 min, talked 1hr 16min, 5 calls, longest call 44 min. Those guys are so sweet! Totals for the night: logged 6hr 42 min, talked 3hr 31min, 22 calls.
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11:40am: Off to a great start so far! Only been logged in 40 minutes, just finished my 3rd connection and have talked 28 minutes! As soon as that connection ended, I had another request waiting!

6am: Logged 7 hours, talked 272 minutes, 27 calls, longest call was my last (and least favorite) call at 41 minutes.

The night started off very well, but tapered off considerably. It was steady most of the night, even if my calls weren't back to back. My regular, JNY, called about 4:30am and we talked for about half an hour before he was cut off. I don't know if he called back. I waited a few minutes, but then got a connection request that I thought would be quick, so I took it.

That was my last call, which lasted 41 minutes. I actually ended up disconnecting on that guy because he started really creeping me out. It started off just fine. He asked me what I was wearing and then told me he wanted me to lay back and tell him to fuck me, then beg him to fuck me. He was making this jittery kind of moan like he was jacking off (of course) but he just kept going and going. He was telling me things to say, which were okay at first, but then he was going off the deep end, wanting me to say things I was doing to my mom. Not only was it creepy, but I was tired and just over it. After 41 minutes, just cum already! Yuck.

One of my callers was someone I've talked to before, but only once so I can't call him a regular yet. He's a really sweet young guy who says he has a micropenis and is into humiliation. He wants to suck a lot of dicks, be fucked in the ass, covered in cum, and wants me to call him names and make fun of his tiny dick.

Another new repeat customer called tonight for the second time. He's into guided masturbation. We'll call him TGM. He's really a sweetheart.

Several calls from men who wanted me to set them up with lots of cocks to suck and fuck. I swear, different guys, but almost the same exact call each time.

A repeat caller who is into married women, wants to see the wedding ring at all times, always refers to "married pussy," "married tits," etc.

A new caller who said he wanted taboo, further clarified as family play, but who ended up telling me about him watching his wife fuck her hot girl friend. That became a convo about all of the fun I could have with them.

My favorite call was my third call. He was a ruck driver who was really shy at first, but he finally started talking. Once he started, it was great! He told me several little stories. He thought it was hot to use ex-girlfriend's vibrator and suck on it like it was a dick. One time went into a peepshow booth at bookstore with what he thought was a woman who turned out to be a transsexual, which really ended up turning him on although nothing happened. He got his dick sucked glory hole in Arizona. And he once had a 69 in a massage parlor with the masseuse. We talked for 28 minutes.

Tonight was a long night. And now it's time for bed.
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5:25am: Logged 4.5hrs, talked 152 min, 15 calls, longest call 53min. Lots of Daddy calls tonight.

Tonight was mostly steady until the last hour or so, which I've noticed is typical for the 1am-5am shift. Things really slow down around 4am.

I didn't have any favored regulars call tonight, but I'm pretty sure I made a new regular. He was my favorite and longest call tonight for 53 minutes. Sadly, I can't remember his name to give him a nickname, but I think it started with a D so we'll go with DBB (baby boy). It started off with him saying that he wanted to lick my pussy and please me. After a few minutes he said something about his girlfriend being out of town for work. He kept telling me that he would do anything to please me, that he wanted to take care of my pussy. Then he called me Mommy, which was fine with me. I went with it. Eventually he was telling me about his girlfriend being a "bad girl," that she was a stripper and she fucked men supposedly "just for the money" but he thinks she really did it because she likes it. He was really very sweet because I was completely accommodating to him, following his every lead. He kept saying, "Oh Josie, oh Josie". And he told me he loved me, that he would think about me and my pussy when he is with his girlfriend. At the end of the call he called me a sweetheart and said he would call me again soon.

I did have several Daddy calls tonight. One was SSG. He was a very quick call. I don't think I'm his favorite girl, although we've talked several times now. I know exactly what he wants so I always send him a message as soon as he logs on, usually around 5am.

My least favorite call was the one where I had to make gagging deep throat noises for like 10 minutes straight. I actually really started to gag and cough toward the end of that one. Truth in fantasy.

This has been a slow pay period. With 4 days left to go, I only have 1373 minutes. That's mostly my fault as I haven't even put 40 hours into it. I've just been so tired. I've got to get on the ball and get that rhythm going again! Also, I think they've either been pretty slow or they've hired more girls, because I haven't been receiving a lot of texts begging us to log in to help out.

And now I'm off to bed. I only got 3 hours of sleep after work yesterday because I met my former coworker from my last job for lunch. I got a tiny nap yesterday afternoon, but it wasn't enough. I plan on logging in early and working late tonight!
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5:15am: Logged 6hr 11min, talked 231min, 28 calls. Longest call 53 min.

There haven't been any recaps for a couple of days because, aside from working 2 hours last night, I took the last few days off. I was going to work Friday night, but ended up with a really upset tummy. I was going to log on after my tummy settled down, but I fell asleep feeling nauseous and didn't wake up until the next morning.

Last night I got a call from a guy who remembered me, although I didn't necessarily remember him. He was another sissy slut who wanted me to dominate, humiliate, and fuck him. He was so sweet and said he'd call me again tonight, but he didn't. We'll call him JSS (first initial, sissy slut).

Tonight's most interesting call was a guy who said he was standing naked outside a barn on his uncle's farm. He asked me if I knew what "molly" is, which of course I do. Then he proceeded to tell me about all of the things he'd done with the different... residents... of his uncle's farm. If he was outside naked tonight anywhere but Florida, he was freezing his balls off, so I'm pretty sure he was full of it. Unless it was some really good shit, LOL.

I talked to this one guy 3 different times. He was a black guy who wanted me to tell him about being in heels and stockings, being his dirty white whore and how bad I wanted his big black "N" dick. I don't know how many times I had to say BBND during that call, but it got old pretty fast. Each call was about 10 minutes long.

I talked to another regular who, every time I've talked to him he hasn't remembered talking to me, but I remember him. He's an older guy who has shared some sister stories with me.

My favorite call of the night was my longest call. He's another regular I've talked to a few times. We'll call him MDW (first initial, dirty whore). I don't think we've done the same role play twice, but usually it has something to do with his girlfriend being a dirty whore. Tonight we role played that I got gangbanged at a frat party where I pretended to be drunk so the guys thought they took advantage of me, but I was really the one taking advantage of them. Then I went home to tell my boyfriend about it. A role play within a role play. It was really hot. And every time he whispered, "your my dirty whore" my pussy flooded. I don't usually masturbate during any of my calls, but this one made me want to. It was definitely a fun call. I was sad when he got cut off and didn't call back. But I know I'll hear from him again. :)

My second favorite call was a guy who wanted to do guided masturbation, where I told him exactly what to do. We talked about edging and prostate milking, neither of which he knew about before this. I did a really good job of talking them up for him. If I can convince just one guy that it's okay to let his partner put a finger up his ass to milk his prostate while she's blowing him, then my job is done. Seriously, guys who've never done this have no idea what they're missing!!! He was a happy customer and said he'd definitely be talking to me again.

Some nights I don't feel very successful because when calls get cut off (without the 2 minute warning that they're running out of time), I don't know for sure if it's because they hung up or if they are cut off. And if they hung up, is it because they didn't like me or because I did such a good job that they finished quickly? I try not to take it personally, but sometimes I do. Tonight I feel like I did pretty okay. :)
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11:30am: Tonight's off to a great start so far! Let's keep 'em cumming. ;) Also, while I like calls where they do the talking, sometimes all that panting and moaning makes me a bit light-headed!

6am: Logged 6 hours, talked 246 minutes, 21 calls. This was the night of confessions. I like getting everyone's dirty secrets.

Business was steady tonight. Lots of little calls. Calls where they tell me they want something, but apparently I either give it to them so well that they can't last, or I don't do it exactly as they want it so they hang up. "I want to be your little bitch. I want to do whatever you want. I want to please you any way you wish." But of course it's not really about me. It never is, no matter what they say.

My regular JNY called to chat for an hour. Again, no sex, just general conversation. I almost feel sad talking to him. He's obviously very lonely. Why else would he call and spend $??/minute to talk to me for an hour at a time. The call cut off when he ran out of time, but he didn't call back.

I also had several decent, long calls. I got to hear stories of first blow jobs in darkened theaters, given and received. The first time he tasted his own cum. Another guy's. How a drunken blow job in college began a 10+ year secret relationship that their wives don't know about.

One of my last calls is the one that sticks with me. He told me that he was house-sitting for his neighbor, while she and her girls were here in Florida on vacation. When I mentioned them being at Disney, he said, "actually they're in Jacksonville." It made a creepy call even creepier. He was telling me about how he went into the dirty laundry and he was jerking off into the crotch of little cotton panties. And then photographing it. I didn't really have to say much, just mostly listen. I'm really not sure how I feel about that call.

It was busy enough that I could've stayed logged in for longer, but my sleep schedule has been so completely fucked up lately. I'm exhausted. When I first started doing this, it was nothing to stay awake all night on the phone, and then to go to sleep right before the sun came up, sleeping until early to mid-afternoon. Lately, I haven't been able to do that. Either I can't go to bed until between 10am and noon, or if I go to sleep around sunrise, I sleep for a maximum of 4 hours and then wake up. Usually I'll have to pee but then can't go back to sleep. It's starting to take its toll.

I'm going to bed now. Hopefully I'll be able to get some real sleep.
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2am: A terrible headache is bringing my shift to an early end tonight. Logged 3 hours, talked 103 min, 7 calls. Must have naproxen and sleep.

Out of 7 calls tonight, the first 3 were the only ones that mattered. They were all from the same guy, a young man who wanted relationship advice. We talked for about an hour. He and his fiancee have their respective bachelor/ bachelorette parties this weekend, on Friday I believe. He is of mixed race and she is black. I only mention their race because he thinks she's going to be gang-banged by a few white guys. He doesn't have any issues with that itself. They have an open, open-minded, non-vanilla sexual relationship. He said she is into degradation and race play. His concern is that she is going to get that from one of those white guys and it will be better than it is with him, because he's not fully white. There were several other things discussed, and I did my best to reassure him that, based on what he was telling me about their level of commitment and communication, he shouldn't have anything to worry about. I was really hoping he'd call back after the 3rd call was cut off, but he didn't. If for no other reason than to ask him to call me back after the weekend so he could tell me how things went. I hope I hear back from him. I enjoy helping people.

I'm going to bed. 'night.
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12:30am: Okay, it's time to let the sexiness roll. Bring it on, perverts!

1:15am: I think this job may end up killing any interest I have in handcuffs. I am glad to have a regular who calls multiple times for long calls, but this scenario is getting pretty damn dull.

6am: Logged 5.5hrs, talked 176min, 19 calls. Again, the night started off strong but then ground to a halt. No connections for the last hour. I'm starting to think I need to skip 4am - 6am.

I also logged in for one hour right after I got up yesterday afternoon at 2:30pm, talked for 23 minutes on 4 calls. It wasn't bad and I probably would've talked longer, but I was too hungry. I'm definitely going to work on logging in for more daytime and afternoon hours and skip this early morning stuff.

I'd had my account disabled from the UK service and finally just got it enabled again, so I'll be able to take calls for them again. If I wasn't so tired, I'd try to catch some lunch time calls. At least I have that option again. I've missed my sweet, sexy Brits.

My most frequent caller, SHC, called tonight, twice, for a total of an hour. The first half of the first call he talked about sports and sports betting. Then we got back into the scenario. His time ran out and when he called back, we never continued the scenario, he just talked about sports, sports betting, and his experiences in casinos. He didn't call back again after he got cut off the second time.

I thought I was going to get to talk to MBS (first initial, booty shorts), but when I accepted his connection request, he never came on the line. I think he sent the request before I'd connected with someone else and had logged off by the time I finished that call. I was sad to miss that call. I just love the way he always says he's wearing "tight, tight booty shorts" and when I tell him to do something he says, "anything you want, baby." He's a good little bitch. ;)

I realized tonight I have another regular I've talked to several times. He likes me to be his stepmom. We'll call him BSM (first initial, stepmom). Of course, I can't tell you about that call, but it starts with me catching him jerking off because he left his bedroom door open. I'm sure you can figure out what happens after that.

I had one other sorta-regular, a guy who always calls from working in an isolated security shack, always looking to be Daddy. We'll call him SSG (first initial, security guard).

Big Poppa will be getting up soon and then I am going right to sleep. Tonight's shift will be from 11pm to 4am. Hopefully it'll be a good one.
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4am: Ugh, my favorite time of night, only 3 guys on the line. Bleh. I booked the dumbest shift ever tonight.

5am: I know the high point of my night will be that the cuckolded, submissive pastor called back, even if we only talked for 10 minutes.

5:10am: Tonight is no doubt my worst night yet. Still an hour to go, been logged in just over 3 hours with only 67 min talk time, 8 calls.

6am: Final numbers: Logged 4 hours, talked 100 min, 11 calls. I think the night would've been better if I'd logged in earlier, but I had to get some sleep first. Lesson learned.

Because I was going out to a Super Bowl party this evening, I didn't book my shift until 2am. I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking, because I knew I wouldn't be out that late. It was a huge mistake, for sure. I was exhausted when we left the party. My sleep schedule has been so out of whack lately. Today I only got less than 5 hours of sleep. I woke up 2 hours earlier than I meant to, but couldn't go back to sleep. I probably should've just made some coffee and logged on after Big Poppa went to bed, but I was so tired that I decided to take a nap instead. I got up around 1:15am but didn't log on until right at 2am.

The first hour wasn't so bad but it quickly got worse. Nobody wanted to make any connections. They weren't even really responding to my messages. My longest call was my first call and it was only 18 minutes. It was a humiliation call, I believe. In the subsequent boring hours after that, I've forgotten.

One call tonight was a guy who wanted me to talk to him about his girlfriend cheating on him with black guys, using really inflammatory racist language and cursing. You can figure it out without me saying anything else.

Another guy wanted me to be his married neighbor. He kept mentioning fucking my married pussy and that we were "committing full adultery". I have only recently learned that adultery is such a big fetish. This guy's greeting said he was looking for "hardcore roleplay" that he had "really deep dark secrets" he needed to get out. Apparently I'm jaded.

As I mentioned, my best call (#7 of the night, not quite 10 minutes long) was when the married pastor called. LMP (first initial, married pastor) was surprised that I remembered talking to him. I recounted our last conversation and told him that I'd hoped he would call back so I could get more of the story. He said that she has become even more dominant, that he has to serve her all the time now, and she has started to humiliate him. He wanted to know why she did it and why it excited him. I told him that it's another form of control, that she is manipulating his emotions, pushing his shame buttons. He told me that he was not allowed to watch the Super Bowl today. He had to lie in the bed and watch girlie shows while his wife was in the other room talking on the phone to *his* best friend. He said he knows they're having an affair and he's sure that she's told him about their situation. When she got off the phone, he had to pay her to have sex with him. We were discussing how it's like prostitution and that's why it's a thrill for him when he got cut off. He didn't call back.

No other regulars tonight. If it wasn't for the LMP, it would feel like a wasted night.
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4:45am: My favorite part of tonight will be taking that sweet man to the darkest, filthiest place he has ever been, where he never knew he wanted to go. And he giggled like a schoolgirl afterward. ;)

5:45am: Logged 6hr 45min, talked 290min, 19 calls. Talked to 2 regulars, pretty sure I've made another. Great first night of the new pay period. :)

My first regular... I need to give them nicknames to distinguish them, we'll call this one JNY (first initial, from NY)... of the night was my 3rd and 4th phone calls. We talked for just over an hour, but not about sex. He didn't even tell me any stories of his tgurl. Tonight I learned he's a retired firefighter who now works a security job. Apparently he was working on 9/11. We didn't really talk about it, he just glossed over it. I always let him lead the conversation. Tonight we talked about Woodstock, Jimi Hendrix, movies, gun laws, crime, things he's seen happen on the subway.

My second regular, we'll call him SHC (first initial, handcuff fetish), was my 11th, 12th, and 13th calls and we talked for almost an hour and a half. Tonight in the installment of our "handcuffed together in a bomb shelter" scenario, we had sex for the first time. And had a fight, followed by makeup sex. This guy is really something else. I don't know how many times the word 'handcuffs' is said during these calls. He doesn't like me to just call them cuffs. I have to say the full word. He also went off on a terrorism/9-11 conspiracy rant. He doesn't think Bin Laden was a real person, just an actor, although he said that the same guy played him for at least 10 years. Additionally, he went off about the commissioner of the NFL. At one point he said something about being a sports writer and that he has a published memoir. His calls are truthfully pretty boring to me, but easy as hell. And he talks for a long time, so it works for me.

My favorite call tonight was from KTB (first initial, toilet bitch), who I am pretty sure I will hear from again. We only talked for about 10 minutes. He's the one I'm talking about in that first status update. The call started off simple enough. He said he wanted to lick my asshole. Well, it very quickly escalated into being so, soooo much dirtier than that. Things I can't talk about here, but you can gather from his nickname. ;) Also all sorts of verbal humiliation and degradation, including cuckholding. It was a lot of fun! For most of the call, I was using a very warm, soothing, quiet voice while leading him further and further into the darkness. By the end I was screaming and cursing at him that he was not allowed to cum, telling him all the things I would do to punish him if he did, calling him every name I could think of. Then I could tell he came really hard. And started giggling. He could barely even speak. He said something to the effect of, "Wow, I can't believe where you took me. You were really good at that. I was just so turned on." Still giggling, and he tried to apologize for being weird. I reassured him that there was nothing weird about it, that he's not the only one who calls for those same exact things. He said he didn't know what was wrong with him (the giggling). I told him that we call that "slutspace" (right, kitten?) and that it's the same kind of release as a really good orgasm, which he had also. He said he would definitely be talking to me again. :)

I also had a couple of Dom calls wanting subby sluts. Ho hum. The first wanted to be called Big Dick Rockstar (no kidding). The second one was another Big Black Daddy who wanted me to tell him over and over that I'm his dirty white whore.

Big surprise, the more calls I take, the more I like the Femdom humiliation and degradation calls. Sissy sluts, toilet bitches, forced feminization, cuckolds. I forgot that the other night I even had a female caller who wanted to be my toilet bitch. Oh, and one guy wanted to be kidnapped, only to wake up to find that he'd been forced to have a sex change. I never get tired of those kinds of calls. I love people saying that want to be my bitch. :D

And now I'm going to go make some cupcakes. 'night!
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7am: Tonight was a great night on the phones. :) Logged 7 hrs, talked 323 min, 14 calls, I had two 2-hour calls, another for 75min. :) My best night yet! And I didn't do most of the talking!

As usual, all of my really long calls are split between 2 or more calls. I'll talk until their time runs out, then they hang up to top off or reauthorize or whatever, and then they call back.

My first two-hour call was a really nice guy who did most of the talking. Most of the stories he told me were about things he'd done with his sister and/or stepmom. I don't know if any of it was true, but it sounded consensual. And OMFG was it a lot! He was the first of two tonight who wanted to send me money. That is very strictly not allowed, but if I can find out how to get away with it, like a PO Box or something (maybe from Mail Boxes, Etc or something), I'm totally going to do it! He said he would definitely be calling to talk to me again in the future.

He also gave me the 800 number he uses to call, which requires an authorization code. I was able to use it to find out the client's name and regular 800 number. Up until now, I had no idea what that is.

The 75-minute call was an older man who also likes to tell me about things he's done with his sister as an adult. And other sexcapades.

My second two-hour call was actually my last call of the night. Another older man (58) who identifies as bisexual, but doesn't think he'd like to be with men (other than a surprise blow job once). He likes to tell me stories about his hookups with his (pardon the term, it's what he says) "she-male" friend. But that was only part of the call. We talked about all kinds of stuff. Movies, politics, general life stories. War, Vietnam. All over the place. I've talked to him at least once before. Tonight I talked to him twice.

My favorite call of the night was a 19 minute call for the second man who offered to send me money afterward. He wanted to role play that he is my sugar daddy but I cuckold him and humiliate him. It was hot and he LOVED it! He said I was really good at it. I told him I just like being a sadistic bitch. He agreed that I am a very sadistic bitch, but insisted that he means it in only the nicest, most flattering way possible. He said he'd definitely be calling me back. He said he wants to be my sugar daddy for real.

Tonight was my best night yet. I needed it, because I was starting to feel a bit discouraged!

And the pay period ends tonight at midnight. Currently I have 2511 talk minutes. Now that this recap is done, I'm going to get something to eat. And probably log in again. Gotta make dem monies! ;)

Edit 9:25am
I've decided not to long in again this morning. After eating I'm just too tired and I think I should just go to bed. Maybe I'll take some calls later this evening before midnight. As it is, I have put in a total of 70 hours and my first check will be at least $700. So basically, I am making about $10/hr at this time.
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1am: Tonight's calls feels like Cards Against Humanity, and the winning card is always The Biggest Blackest Dick. Yum.

5am: Another night that started off promising but fizzled. Logged 5hr 6min, talked 132min, 22 calls. My longest call was 13min. Nothing worth a recap tonight. Ho hum.

Although the last few days have been slow, I'm not entirely discouraged. Things were a lot better when I logged in for those extra hours yesterday morning. I'm considering switching to a day shift, which may normalize my life a bit more. The problem with that is that I'm guaranteed that maximum $0.30/min rate for all calls between 2am and 10am. Of course, if I'm talking more than 1500 minutes per pay period, I get that maximum rate for all minutes over 1500. The difference would be $75/period if all my calls were during the day. To make that up, I'd need to be able to talk 250 more minutes during the day than I do at night. Hrm... This will require some thought.

The biggest difference I've had over the last several days is that I've had fewer long calls. Those are really what makes the difference for me. There's no way of knowing how long someone is going to want to talk. I do my best to keep them on the phone as long as I can, though.
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4am: Fucking hell. The night started off well, but I haven't had a call in an hour. :-/

5am: So slow. Logged 5hr 11min, talked 150min, 12 calls. Not even worth a daily recap. Although, the handcuff roleplay guy did call again, twice, for almost an hour. Nothing else to note.

Edited 11:46am

11:44am: Got a text at 8am, asking for girls to log in. Logged another 3hr 35min, talked 142 min, 14 calls. Much busier. Not very long calls, but very steady. Time for sleep now. *crash*
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Logged in 6hrs, talked 198min, 23 calls. Longest call was my last call for 55min. Slow night.

I'm struggling to find any truly interesting calls to write about tonight. My very first connection request was from a guy wanting scat, but he never answered after I accepted the request. I'm not supposed to decline any request, so I was actually glad about that.

I talked to 3 or 4 regulars, and it's pretty much always a repeat of the same call. Their sissy sluts. They want to suck my cock and let me fuck their asses.

I had a few "familial" calls where they wanted me to be WAY too young. They hung up when I tried to steer them into an allowable direction.

One guy was surprised when he told me he had a big dick and I said I was interested, which leads me to believe he really *did* have a big dick. Like he was genuinely shocked. That was a fun call.

I did have a very hot roleplay call that involved stalking/consensual nonconsent with Laura Prepon as Alex from Orange Is The New Black (he asked me what I would want the girl to look like).

My last caller was a very sweet man on the west coast. We didn't really start talking about sex until the last 15 minutes of the call. I faked an orgasm so well that he said that next time maybe I should pay him. Of course, my fake orgasms sound just like my real orgasms. Some of you know how good those really sound. ;)

Before I logged into my shift tonight, I was contacted by one of the scheduling managers who wanted to know why I didn't book any hours for the weekend. I am not required by my contract to book weekends, and I pointed that out in my response. Another manager replied that in my initial interview I said that I have weekend availability. Yes, I *do* usually have weekend availability, but I don't know what it's going to be until the weekend arrives. I haven't replied to that last email yet. I don't know yet if I'm going to.
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12am: And my work night begins... Here's to hoping I have some great calls tonight!

2am: Yay, photo-sharing guy called back! He's great taste in nice, juicy asses!

5am: After 5hr 12min, 228 talk min, 20 calls, I'm taking a break. My fave call tonight was from a man so happy I'd talk to him even though he had a 3" dick. He just wanted me to listen to him jerk off.

My pay period ends Friday at midnight EST, and currently I have a total of 1560 talk minutes. My pay scale is as follows:

Under 499 talk minutes, the rate is 16¢ PTM (per talk minute)
500 - 999 talk minutes, the rate is 20¢ PTM
1,000 - 1,499 talk minutes, the rate is 25¢ PTM

TALK TIME INCENTIVE: If you end an invoice period with more than 1,500 talk minutes you will be paid our best rate of 30¢ PTM for all minutes over 1,500. Example: IF you have 2,000 talk minutes; 1,500 talk-minutes will be paid at 25¢ PTM and 500 talkminutes will be paid at 30¢ PTM!

HAPPY HOUR INCENTIVE: For those talk minutes between 11pm PST/ 2AM EST until 7am PST/10am EST, you will enjoy a flat rate of 30¢ PTM, PROVIDING you have at least 700 talk minutes or more in your account for the invoice period. That’s about $18.00 per talk hour so go for it!

FANTASY/ GAB TIME: 100% of time spent in the Fantasy/Gab room is paid out at 20¢ per minute! Example: If you are in Gab for 60 minutes then your pay for that time is $12.00. (Gab Time is where I am on a party line with multiple people. I would be the only PSO, there is a moderator, and then other callers. I have to be sent an invitation for Gab, but as of yet I have not been. It sounds easy enough, but I think I would rather earn my usual 30¢ PTM!)

Most of my talk time falls during the Happy Hour time period, but regardless of when I have talk time now, I will be paid at the maximum rate until the end of the pay period. :) And although it's not official, there has been mention made of an additional 2¢ PTM bonus for perfect attendance, although I don't think that's in effect yet.

I had a few short calls tonight, a couple of which were even under a minute long, but my longest call was actually two back-to-back calls from the photo sharing guy. I talked to him for a total of 111 minutes! That's half of my talk time tonight! If you don't remember him, he's the one that called me, gave me links to a few photos of girls with big asses, and then we came up with possible scenarios for how the photos came to be taken. Usually they involve the girl being a cleaning lady or made or something. Tonight he shared 11 photo links. Last time he only shared 3.
[4 (my fave)]
[6 (I don't like this one at all)]
[7 (This one, omfg. We called her Britney.)]
[8 (This GILF was Britney's maid, and Britney sexed her up.)]
[11(He called her Marilyn)]

None of my other calls were very remarkable, except for my favorite one that was mentioned in my 5am status update. The guy identified himself as a chronic masturbator in his greeting and said he wanted someone hot to talk to him while he jerked off. He sent me a message and asked me if I minded that he had a small dick. I replied that I did not, so he sent me a connection request. The first thing he told me was that he is 3" when fully erect and it's difficult for him to find a woman who is okay with that, which is why he is a chronic masturbator. I told him that I didn't care at all. I explained that most of my callers lie about their cock size, averaging between 8-10", although the actual average size is 5-6". I also pointed out that in most cases, anything over 7" is too painful for many women, making those extra inches a waste. After that I talked about how I would caress him and cup his balls while he masturbated. We only talked about 10 minutes, but he thanked me profusely and said that he would call me again. He was really very sweet.
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Midnight: Ugh, I fully intended to work tonight, but I don't feel like faking sexy at all. I think I might just say fuck it and paint instead. There's some tentacle porn calling my name...

2am: So I decided to log on tonight after all, with my UK service where I can just passively wait for calls. Had one call as soon as I logged in and it lasted 42 min. He did almost all the talking! Easy!

3am: On my 2nd call tonight, which was 58 minutes, we didn't talk about sex at all. We talked about the weather, politics, religion, celebrities, movies, Stephen King. Fascinating. He's calling back!

3:30am: GRRRRR!!! There is really not much in the way of tech support on this service. Calls aren't connecting. I answer and there's nothing there. No response from supposed support. :(

6:30am: I have never in my life said "I am a goddamn filthy motherfucking cock-hungry cum-guzzling whore" so many times in my life...

7:30am: Lesson learned tonight: when I don't feel like logging in, do it anyway because I'll get into it. Logged 2hr 37min, talked 107min, 16 calls. Plus the 42min and 58min calls.

I did not want to log in tonight. I hate to say I'm burned out already, but I really was. Sorta. Mostly I was just tired and lazy. I had been planning on logging on tonight, although I hadn't booked a shift, but when it came down to it, I didn't feel like it. A bit later, as I was playing Catan Online, I figured I might as well log in to the UK because I could just passively sit and wait for calls instead of cycling through the chat line. Might as well get my hours in.

My phone rang almost immediately, but there were no whisper tones and nobody there. Whisper tones at the beginning of the call will tell me what kind of call I'm getting. Tame or explicit are the two most common, but tame always end up being explicit. Anyway, there was nothing, so after about 15 seconds, I hung up. My phone rang again almost immediately and the same thing happened. Then it happened again. The fourth time, I got an Explicit tone. He said he'd been trying to call but apparently I couldn't hear him. That sexy guy and I talked for 42 minutes. He did most of the talking, telling me about all the things he would do for me. All I had to do was moan and make noises for the most part, until the end when we were talking about all the dicks we'd suck together and how we'd take turns. He was really very sweet. And it was another call that I almost felt like *I* should pay him!

After a few more of those empty calls, I got another Explicit tone. He also said he'd tried a few times where he could hear me but I couldn't hear him. We talked for 58 minutes. And never once did we talk about sex. It was a great conversation. We talked about all sorts of things, sharing even personal (but non-identifying) information. About many of my favorite topics: the crazy weather we're having, US vs UK, politics, religion esp. atheism and Scientology (we're in agreement on both), Stephen King, psychotherapy, family issues esp. during the holidays. Soooo much stuff. He was running out of time, but said he was going to get more and call right back. I was so excited!

Sadly, I was not able to receive another successful call after that, but I had about 20 empty calls. :( I filled out a trouble ticket and emailed the company. Finally a company rep called me on my cell phone because they'd been getting complaints about the empty calls, me not being able to hear the callers. I told him I'd called from my cell to my landline with no problem. He called my line directly twice, from a company phone and from his cell phone, but I couldn't hear him either time. So he disabled my account until I could get my line fixed because obviously it's an issue with my provider routing calls from the UK or something.

Right about that time I got a text from my other company, begging for girls to log on because there were callers waiting. So I did. And I was busy almost nonstop. My favorite call was a guy who connected with me twice for about 40 minutes. It started off like a normal call, but when he found out how dirty I am, he just wanted me to say over and over things like, "I am a goddamn filthy motherfucking cock-hungry cum-guzzling whore." I dunno how many times I did that over the course of about 20-25 minutes.

I also role-played a guy doing his wife's sister, a dominant pre-op MtF transsexual, a mommy, and listened to an older man talk about how he was invited into the shower with his 31-year-old stepdaughter.

So, all in all, from 2-7am, I talked 207min. Not bad for a night where I didn't want to work at all. ;)
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Logged in for 4hr 13min, talked for 121min, 22 calls.

Tonight was a slow night. I am tired and didn't feel like working at all, so I didn't log in for any extra time. My longest call was 19min, a hot Puerto Rican boy in "super tight booty shorts." I actually talked to him 3 times, so it was probably a total of 30 minutes.

I had 3 male Dom calls, which is a bit unusual. One could've been a lot hotter if it wasn't on a paid chat line, I think. He was very domineering and made me call him Master. He actually chastised me a few times and said some really hot things that I could appreciate. He had an excellent Dom voice. Another one of the Doms wanted me to suck his cock and eat "my girlfriend's" pussy while he was fucking my ass. The worst part of that was that I had to make slurping noises constantly for about 10 minutes nonstop. I feel like my lips are chapped after that call.

I feel like there might have been something else more interesting, but my brain is really tired and I can't think of what it was. It's unlikely, though.

Although I've had a couple of slow nights, I know I'm still doing fairly well. I'm not discouraged. The best part of all of this is that within a semi-monthly pay period (twice a month), to hit the maximum per-minute rate, you must have 1500 talk minutes. With 8 days left in this pay period, I already have 1228 minutes.
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Tonight was a very frustrating, slow night. Most of the guys just wanted to play message tag, but not connect. And I had several connection requests that I answered where nobody actually connected.

Logged in: 6hr 8min. Talk time: 157min. Total calls: 19. Longest call: just over an hour between 3 calls. Total talk time over 6 days: 1083min.

The only noteworthy call was actually comprised of 3 back to back calls with one older man totaling just over an hour. And during that time, nothing really sexual happened. His greeting said he wanted to roleplay being handcuffed together for an extended period of time (a la The 39 Steps). The first 30-minute call was mostly spent talking about random stuff and our experiences being in handcuffs in a criminal capacity. The roleplay scenario was very convoluted, of course. I was a real estate agent showing him a house. The cops showed up, accused us of being a drug dealing couple and handcuffed us together. Then storm sirens went off signalling that there was a nuclear attack and the cops took off, leaving us handcuffed together. We escaped to a nearby farmhouse with a bomb shelter. Once in the shelter, we tried to get out of the cuffs to no avail. So we had to get accustomed to being stuck with each other, "married" in his mind. We didn't start the scenario until right after he got his 2-minute warning from the system. At the end of the 3rd call we'd just spent the first night together sleeping. After waking up, things were starting to get "romantic" with some kissing. He ran out of time, but said he would call me sometime soon in the future to continue the scenario.

The other interesting thing that happened was that there was a guy who's greeting said he wanted to talk to an open-minded girl, blah blah blah, and then at the end he said he also liked geeky girls. So I replied by saying, "Dr. Who, TNG, Lord of the Rings." He responded very excitedly and totally geeked out. But instead of sending a connection request so we could actually talk, he wanted to just send messages back and forth for about an hour and a half. Very frustrating! I wanted some Amy Pond/Raggedy Man roleplay, damnit! Ah well, no Sonic Screwdriver for me tonight.
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Totals for the night: logged in 6hr 43min, talk time 257min (4hr 37min), 11 calls. Longest call was about an hour (stop watch lapped, so not sure). Started off slow but really picked up at the end!

I only had 11 calls tonight. Three stick out in my mind.

The first was a guy who seemed at first to want to interview me. He asked me questions about my sexual past, all of which I was able to answer truthfully. When did I first have sex? What was my first time like? First blow job? First anal? Things of that nature. At about the 25 minute mark, there was a lull. So I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to know about. He said no. I asked if he wanted to share anything with me about himself. He said no, but didn't hang up. I waited another moment and asked him if he was done with me. He replied that he was not. Another pause. Then he told me he wanted to do a little role play with sibling nonconsent, which I obviously can't write about here. It involved some whimpering, crying (fake), and begging. Afterward he thanked me very graciously for my time, said he hoped to talk to me again sometime, and hung up.

The second was my longest and most interesting call of the night. He was an older black man with a supposed 10.5" dick who'd been banging strippers all night, but wasn't satisfied. I'd left him a message earlier in the night, something about "I only think I can take about half of that, but I'd like to try to take the whole thing." He'd sent me a message back saying he wanted to connect but didn't send a connection request. Then I got a long sissy slut call. I'd mostly forgotten about him after that until his greeting popped up in the rotation again about half an hour later. I sent him a message telling him something to the effect of "If I don't get a chance to try to take all of him, I am going to be very disappointed."

About a minute later I got a connection request from him with a message professing his love for me, that he tried to connect with me earlier but I was gone, etc. We talked for at least an hour, I think, over two separate calls. After telling him what I looked like (true description, except 28 and not quite as heavy), then he was REALLY in love with me. He made me describe myself to him in slow, descriptive detail no less than 5 times. He spent most of the call telling me what a Goddess I am and how he wanted to breed me. He told me that he wanted to make me his queen, that I was of royal divine birth, that I'm an angel. On and on and on showering praise. The last 20 minutes was me making myself hoarse faking extended multiple orgasms from my "black stallion daddy." He ran out of time then and made me swear I'd connect with him right away when he got back on the line. I got two connection requests from him after that, but he didn't answer after I'd accepted them.

The funniest thing about that call? When he asked me where I'm from and I told him all I could say is central Florida. He said he's in Jacksonville.

The last noteworthy call was actually my last call. I don't remember how the call started but I made a quick, casual reference to liking girls and derailed it. He asked me about my first time. So I told him in explicit detail the true story of the first time I ever went down on a girl. He followed that up with telling me about two recent trips to a massage parlor, the second of which ended with him receiving a happy ending. Then we roleplayed that scenario with me as the massage therapist giving the happy ending. He ran out of time and got disconnected right as I was about to blow him. Which is when I logged off for the night.

I spent a lot more time talking about myself and my true sexual history tonight than I did phone sexing anyone.
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Tonight I logged in for 6hr 44min and talked for 263min (4hr 23min) on 20 calls. My last call was again my longest at 1hr 16min. And he was FILTHY. My best call was one I should've paid for. DAMN!!!

Big Poppa thought it would be a good idea for me to blog my best calls. Tonight I had some really interesting ones. No marriage proposals, however.

My absolute best call was a guy who was only interested in getting me off. I really felt like I should be paying him!! He said he wanted someone honest. So I have him honest answers to everything except my name (Josie), age (28), and location (central Florida). He was calling from Ohio and wanted to know what my biggest fantasies are. Then he spun me two tales (we talked for about 45 minutes) that left me breathless. The first involved a surprise gang bang, that had a surprise twist in the end. The second was a public sex scene in a bar with myself, a random stranger, and two of my girlfriends. Hey Dirty Bitch: you were one of them. ;) I told him when I'd be working all this week and he said he'd definitely be calling me again.

My most interesting call was a man who said he needed a dominant woman to give him some marriage advice. He told me that he is a pastor who has only been married for a few months. He said that his wife was considerably younger than he is (I didn't ask how much) and that they had dated a year before they got married. He said when they were dating, she was very shy and reserved, but that once that got married she completely changed. She is now completely dominating him. He wanted to know what would make someone change so drastically like that. I told him that in society and especially in the Bible, we are taught that men should be the dominant ones and that men are generally afraid of dominant women. Maybe she was afraid he'd reject her. As the story unfolded, he told me how he was no longer allowed to watch sports on Sundays, that she made him wear her clothes and watch "girlie" shows. Also, she makes him lists of chores he has to complete. And she makes him pay her for sex (she does not work outside the home and it does not cause financial strain or burden, I asked). All of which he didn't like at first but he said it excites him now. He was just beginning to tell me how she has started to talk to other men on the internet and saying she was going to start seeing them when the call ended. I was hoping that he would come back so I could get the rest of the story but he never did.

Another interesting call involved this guy giving me links to MILF porn on the web and us discussing and collaborating what we would do to the women in the photos. The scenarios were generally that they were bored housewives who made service calls and we answered them. He was very much an ass man (as am I), so it was a very good call. Here are links to the first, second, and third photos we discussed.

My longest call was my last call and we talked for 1 hour and 16 minutes. The call would've been longer but A. my cordless phone was about to die any second, and B. he'd run out of time on the system. That call ended just before Big Poppa's alarm went off. That call was all over the place! He sounded very young. We started talking about me sucking his cock. I think. The call was so long that I can't really remember for sure. I know that we discussed things that I am not allowed to write about here on Fet (scatalogical and familial). He also told me about all the dicks he's sucked and how many time he had his ass filled with cum. And we talked me doing some serious CBT on him that involved slapping, biting, stomping, door-slamming, and extreme pulling and twisting. It was a long, crazy call. And he said he'd call me again soon.

Definitely not your average, run-of-the-mill calls. I wonder what tonight will bring.
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