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Tonight was a very frustrating, slow night. Most of the guys just wanted to play message tag, but not connect. And I had several connection requests that I answered where nobody actually connected.

Logged in: 6hr 8min. Talk time: 157min. Total calls: 19. Longest call: just over an hour between 3 calls. Total talk time over 6 days: 1083min.

The only noteworthy call was actually comprised of 3 back to back calls with one older man totaling just over an hour. And during that time, nothing really sexual happened. His greeting said he wanted to roleplay being handcuffed together for an extended period of time (a la The 39 Steps). The first 30-minute call was mostly spent talking about random stuff and our experiences being in handcuffs in a criminal capacity. The roleplay scenario was very convoluted, of course. I was a real estate agent showing him a house. The cops showed up, accused us of being a drug dealing couple and handcuffed us together. Then storm sirens went off signalling that there was a nuclear attack and the cops took off, leaving us handcuffed together. We escaped to a nearby farmhouse with a bomb shelter. Once in the shelter, we tried to get out of the cuffs to no avail. So we had to get accustomed to being stuck with each other, "married" in his mind. We didn't start the scenario until right after he got his 2-minute warning from the system. At the end of the 3rd call we'd just spent the first night together sleeping. After waking up, things were starting to get "romantic" with some kissing. He ran out of time, but said he would call me sometime soon in the future to continue the scenario.

The other interesting thing that happened was that there was a guy who's greeting said he wanted to talk to an open-minded girl, blah blah blah, and then at the end he said he also liked geeky girls. So I replied by saying, "Dr. Who, TNG, Lord of the Rings." He responded very excitedly and totally geeked out. But instead of sending a connection request so we could actually talk, he wanted to just send messages back and forth for about an hour and a half. Very frustrating! I wanted some Amy Pond/Raggedy Man roleplay, damnit! Ah well, no Sonic Screwdriver for me tonight.
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Date: 2014-01-24 02:58 pm (UTC)
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Mojo, you'd be surprised how boring it can me sometimes. I try to keep it fun and fresh, though. ;)


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