Jan. 22nd, 2014

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Is that song mashup a thing? Because if not, it totally needs to be. I need a theme song.

Hello LJ, old friend. It's me again. I've been seriously considering rekindling our relationship and right now is as good a time as any. What brings me to your door is a desire to post for inquisitive minds some details and recaps of my new job. For the past few weeks, I have been working from home as a PSO (phone sex operator). I had talked about doing it several years ago, and even got hired, but just never actually did it. These will be copied directly from my FetLife journal and posted here.

I may update with other things as well. We'll see how that goes. :)
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Tonight I logged in for 6hr 44min and talked for 263min (4hr 23min) on 20 calls. My last call was again my longest at 1hr 16min. And he was FILTHY. My best call was one I should've paid for. DAMN!!!

Big Poppa thought it would be a good idea for me to blog my best calls. Tonight I had some really interesting ones. No marriage proposals, however.

My absolute best call was a guy who was only interested in getting me off. I really felt like I should be paying him!! He said he wanted someone honest. So I have him honest answers to everything except my name (Josie), age (28), and location (central Florida). He was calling from Ohio and wanted to know what my biggest fantasies are. Then he spun me two tales (we talked for about 45 minutes) that left me breathless. The first involved a surprise gang bang, that had a surprise twist in the end. The second was a public sex scene in a bar with myself, a random stranger, and two of my girlfriends. Hey Dirty Bitch: you were one of them. ;) I told him when I'd be working all this week and he said he'd definitely be calling me again.

My most interesting call was a man who said he needed a dominant woman to give him some marriage advice. He told me that he is a pastor who has only been married for a few months. He said that his wife was considerably younger than he is (I didn't ask how much) and that they had dated a year before they got married. He said when they were dating, she was very shy and reserved, but that once that got married she completely changed. She is now completely dominating him. He wanted to know what would make someone change so drastically like that. I told him that in society and especially in the Bible, we are taught that men should be the dominant ones and that men are generally afraid of dominant women. Maybe she was afraid he'd reject her. As the story unfolded, he told me how he was no longer allowed to watch sports on Sundays, that she made him wear her clothes and watch "girlie" shows. Also, she makes him lists of chores he has to complete. And she makes him pay her for sex (she does not work outside the home and it does not cause financial strain or burden, I asked). All of which he didn't like at first but he said it excites him now. He was just beginning to tell me how she has started to talk to other men on the internet and saying she was going to start seeing them when the call ended. I was hoping that he would come back so I could get the rest of the story but he never did.

Another interesting call involved this guy giving me links to MILF porn on the web and us discussing and collaborating what we would do to the women in the photos. The scenarios were generally that they were bored housewives who made service calls and we answered them. He was very much an ass man (as am I), so it was a very good call. Here are links to the first, second, and third photos we discussed.

My longest call was my last call and we talked for 1 hour and 16 minutes. The call would've been longer but A. my cordless phone was about to die any second, and B. he'd run out of time on the system. That call ended just before Big Poppa's alarm went off. That call was all over the place! He sounded very young. We started talking about me sucking his cock. I think. The call was so long that I can't really remember for sure. I know that we discussed things that I am not allowed to write about here on Fet (scatalogical and familial). He also told me about all the dicks he's sucked and how many time he had his ass filled with cum. And we talked me doing some serious CBT on him that involved slapping, biting, stomping, door-slamming, and extreme pulling and twisting. It was a long, crazy call. And he said he'd call me again soon.

Definitely not your average, run-of-the-mill calls. I wonder what tonight will bring.
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Totals for the night: logged in 6hr 43min, talk time 257min (4hr 37min), 11 calls. Longest call was about an hour (stop watch lapped, so not sure). Started off slow but really picked up at the end!

I only had 11 calls tonight. Three stick out in my mind.

The first was a guy who seemed at first to want to interview me. He asked me questions about my sexual past, all of which I was able to answer truthfully. When did I first have sex? What was my first time like? First blow job? First anal? Things of that nature. At about the 25 minute mark, there was a lull. So I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to know about. He said no. I asked if he wanted to share anything with me about himself. He said no, but didn't hang up. I waited another moment and asked him if he was done with me. He replied that he was not. Another pause. Then he told me he wanted to do a little role play with sibling nonconsent, which I obviously can't write about here. It involved some whimpering, crying (fake), and begging. Afterward he thanked me very graciously for my time, said he hoped to talk to me again sometime, and hung up.

The second was my longest and most interesting call of the night. He was an older black man with a supposed 10.5" dick who'd been banging strippers all night, but wasn't satisfied. I'd left him a message earlier in the night, something about "I only think I can take about half of that, but I'd like to try to take the whole thing." He'd sent me a message back saying he wanted to connect but didn't send a connection request. Then I got a long sissy slut call. I'd mostly forgotten about him after that until his greeting popped up in the rotation again about half an hour later. I sent him a message telling him something to the effect of "If I don't get a chance to try to take all of him, I am going to be very disappointed."

About a minute later I got a connection request from him with a message professing his love for me, that he tried to connect with me earlier but I was gone, etc. We talked for at least an hour, I think, over two separate calls. After telling him what I looked like (true description, except 28 and not quite as heavy), then he was REALLY in love with me. He made me describe myself to him in slow, descriptive detail no less than 5 times. He spent most of the call telling me what a Goddess I am and how he wanted to breed me. He told me that he wanted to make me his queen, that I was of royal divine birth, that I'm an angel. On and on and on showering praise. The last 20 minutes was me making myself hoarse faking extended multiple orgasms from my "black stallion daddy." He ran out of time then and made me swear I'd connect with him right away when he got back on the line. I got two connection requests from him after that, but he didn't answer after I'd accepted them.

The funniest thing about that call? When he asked me where I'm from and I told him all I could say is central Florida. He said he's in Jacksonville.

The last noteworthy call was actually my last call. I don't remember how the call started but I made a quick, casual reference to liking girls and derailed it. He asked me about my first time. So I told him in explicit detail the true story of the first time I ever went down on a girl. He followed that up with telling me about two recent trips to a massage parlor, the second of which ended with him receiving a happy ending. Then we roleplayed that scenario with me as the massage therapist giving the happy ending. He ran out of time and got disconnected right as I was about to blow him. Which is when I logged off for the night.

I spent a lot more time talking about myself and my true sexual history tonight than I did phone sexing anyone.
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Tonight was a very frustrating, slow night. Most of the guys just wanted to play message tag, but not connect. And I had several connection requests that I answered where nobody actually connected.

Logged in: 6hr 8min. Talk time: 157min. Total calls: 19. Longest call: just over an hour between 3 calls. Total talk time over 6 days: 1083min.

The only noteworthy call was actually comprised of 3 back to back calls with one older man totaling just over an hour. And during that time, nothing really sexual happened. His greeting said he wanted to roleplay being handcuffed together for an extended period of time (a la The 39 Steps). The first 30-minute call was mostly spent talking about random stuff and our experiences being in handcuffs in a criminal capacity. The roleplay scenario was very convoluted, of course. I was a real estate agent showing him a house. The cops showed up, accused us of being a drug dealing couple and handcuffed us together. Then storm sirens went off signalling that there was a nuclear attack and the cops took off, leaving us handcuffed together. We escaped to a nearby farmhouse with a bomb shelter. Once in the shelter, we tried to get out of the cuffs to no avail. So we had to get accustomed to being stuck with each other, "married" in his mind. We didn't start the scenario until right after he got his 2-minute warning from the system. At the end of the 3rd call we'd just spent the first night together sleeping. After waking up, things were starting to get "romantic" with some kissing. He ran out of time, but said he would call me sometime soon in the future to continue the scenario.

The other interesting thing that happened was that there was a guy who's greeting said he wanted to talk to an open-minded girl, blah blah blah, and then at the end he said he also liked geeky girls. So I replied by saying, "Dr. Who, TNG, Lord of the Rings." He responded very excitedly and totally geeked out. But instead of sending a connection request so we could actually talk, he wanted to just send messages back and forth for about an hour and a half. Very frustrating! I wanted some Amy Pond/Raggedy Man roleplay, damnit! Ah well, no Sonic Screwdriver for me tonight.


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