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7am: Tonight was a great night on the phones. :) Logged 7 hrs, talked 323 min, 14 calls, I had two 2-hour calls, another for 75min. :) My best night yet! And I didn't do most of the talking!

As usual, all of my really long calls are split between 2 or more calls. I'll talk until their time runs out, then they hang up to top off or reauthorize or whatever, and then they call back.

My first two-hour call was a really nice guy who did most of the talking. Most of the stories he told me were about things he'd done with his sister and/or stepmom. I don't know if any of it was true, but it sounded consensual. And OMFG was it a lot! He was the first of two tonight who wanted to send me money. That is very strictly not allowed, but if I can find out how to get away with it, like a PO Box or something (maybe from Mail Boxes, Etc or something), I'm totally going to do it! He said he would definitely be calling to talk to me again in the future.

He also gave me the 800 number he uses to call, which requires an authorization code. I was able to use it to find out the client's name and regular 800 number. Up until now, I had no idea what that is.

The 75-minute call was an older man who also likes to tell me about things he's done with his sister as an adult. And other sexcapades.

My second two-hour call was actually my last call of the night. Another older man (58) who identifies as bisexual, but doesn't think he'd like to be with men (other than a surprise blow job once). He likes to tell me stories about his hookups with his (pardon the term, it's what he says) "she-male" friend. But that was only part of the call. We talked about all kinds of stuff. Movies, politics, general life stories. War, Vietnam. All over the place. I've talked to him at least once before. Tonight I talked to him twice.

My favorite call of the night was a 19 minute call for the second man who offered to send me money afterward. He wanted to role play that he is my sugar daddy but I cuckold him and humiliate him. It was hot and he LOVED it! He said I was really good at it. I told him I just like being a sadistic bitch. He agreed that I am a very sadistic bitch, but insisted that he means it in only the nicest, most flattering way possible. He said he'd definitely be calling me back. He said he wants to be my sugar daddy for real.

Tonight was my best night yet. I needed it, because I was starting to feel a bit discouraged!

And the pay period ends tonight at midnight. Currently I have 2511 talk minutes. Now that this recap is done, I'm going to get something to eat. And probably log in again. Gotta make dem monies! ;)

Edit 9:25am
I've decided not to long in again this morning. After eating I'm just too tired and I think I should just go to bed. Maybe I'll take some calls later this evening before midnight. As it is, I have put in a total of 70 hours and my first check will be at least $700. So basically, I am making about $10/hr at this time.


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