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An update has been in order since Monday, but I've just been so busy that I haven't been able to get it done.

OMFG... I have the most amazing, wonderful friends in the world. They are really more than I can ask for personally. But the way you guys have come through for someone almost all of you don't even know... It's so completely overwhelming.

My friend sends her sincere, heartfelt thanks, and her tears of happiness and gratitude. She's cried so much lately that I'm going to forget what she looks like with dry eyes! But at least she is smiling through these tears. The children are also very appreciative as well.

However, my loves, we are not quite done yet. At this time we have raised the $1250 needed to put the deposit down on the house, so the sign is out of the yard and the owner is holding it for her. Now we need to raise the $1250 necessary for her to actually get the keys and move in and actually take possession of the house. I'm really hoping that we can do this by the end of the month. Please help me do this. Any amount counts toward the goal, every little bit helps. We gladly accept however much you can give. Thank you all so much.

There has been some concern expressed about getting her "out of the frying pan and into the fire," i.e. that she won't be able to stay on her feet and afford things once she's in the new place. Please let me reassure you: She does in fact have good, steady income. She was making really good money and things were sailing along very well. But then a series of events knocked it all down like a run of dominos: she was stiffed for a $1000 contract and then first one car and then the other broke down, one of which had to be fixed so that he could continue to get to work on the other side of town. Imagine having $1500 yanked out from underneath you, and how hard that would be to recover from. We all live in a house of cards and this could happen to any of us. So they have been trying to catch back up for the past year, and have been barely scraping by. Then the final blow was when he just walked away and abandoned them. Imagine knowing that any day they are going to come and tell you that you have to leave the home you worked hard for and there was nothing you could do about it. Or that he is going to return to the house and make your life miserable. Or come over and kick the door in to get some things left behind and threaten your family, but the police said that they're nothing they can do about it because it's his house and they only suggest that she works on getting out as soon as possible. She is trying, but it takes a lot of money all at once to be able to up and move like that. How many of us, who can pay our bills on time each month, would be able to come up with $2500 at a drop of a hat?

No, they were not his children, and (to address another question) no, they were not legally married. But he was the only father the children had ever really known and they were together for 12 solid years. Again, they were the perfect couple. Unfortunately with Florida being neither a Common Law nor a Community Property state, she does not have any legal recourse. And thus we have her situation. She was served foreclosure papers this past weekend. She knew time was very short, however she has no hope to fix things with the mortgage company and, as her name is not on the house, it would not be in her best interest to do so anyway. He went from, "I'm going to transfer you some money and still try to help out," to "I know you think I have a responsibility and obligation to you and YOUR kids, but you're wrong. Don't fuck with me or I'll put you out on the street." Oh, and he did finally bring her car back... ragged out and needing a new engine. She can't even crank it and keep it running for more than 5 minutes. The timing belt broke and he drove it anyway, thus destroying the engine. And he refuses to sign it over to her, although it's now worthless to him AND he has since bought a new car. But eventually she can get a new car.

So that's where we stand now. She has put down the deposit. Now she just needs the money to move in and she will be free from him and this situation.

Again, thanks for everything that everyone has done thus far. It means more to me than I can say. I love you guys.

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First, let me thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm going to put it right out there and say that this is a plea for donations. Not for me, but for a very close friend of mine who desperately needs your help. I am trying to raise $2,500, $1250 of which I need ASAP. I know times are very tough for everyone right now and I would never ask this for myself. Any amount gets us toward our goal, every dollar counts. So let me go ahead and put this up:

Now, PLEASE take the time to read her story, and if you feel so inclined, pass it along to anybody you feel would be willing to help: )


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