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8pm: w00t! Got my first paycheck with my new PSO company today and it's more than I expected it to be, even if all my minutes were paid at the maximum rate!

11:50pm: My least favorite part of my job is how I am just tossed aside without an afterthought like a used, sticky tissue when they are done. I treasure the callers who take the time to say thank you.

3am: I really wish that these guys knew how to talk on the phone so that I can understand them. Mumbling and whispering so that I can't hear you is not conducive to a hot conversation!!!

4:15am: Logged 4hr 15min, talked 125min, 17 calls. Tired of the chat line, logging in to give the Brits a chance before I crash for the night.

Sadly, there were no truly interesting calls on the chat line tonight.

I think I may have lost one of my regulars, SSG, because our rates have gone up. Instead of being a VIP girl, I am now a Platinum girl. I didn't realize that change had not yet gone into effect. We were notified at the first of the year that it was changing. It actually was supposed to happen right before I started because they gave us a pay increase. They changed the name from Platinum to VIP to justify the rate increase. Apparently there are Premium girls as well, which don't work for my company, I guess. I haven't heard anything about them. Anyway, SSG said that while I deserve the pay increase because I'm good, he can get Premium girls to do the same things for less. So *shrug*. He's the first person that's mentioned anything about it.

I was so happy to get my paycheck today. And to see that it was even more than I expected it to be! Only by a few dollars, but I was paid more than $0.30/min for all of my minutes. Not just the ones over 1500 and/or during "happy hour." Unfortunately there wasn't a breakdown of my pay rate on my check stub. There was some talk of a "perfect attendance" bonus when I was hired, but I've never been told anything official.

6:50am: With the Brits, I logged 2hr 27 min, talked 1hr 16min, 5 calls, longest call 44 min. Those guys are so sweet! Totals for the night: logged 6hr 42 min, talked 3hr 31min, 22 calls.
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