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5:15am: Logged 6hr 11min, talked 231min, 28 calls. Longest call 53 min.

There haven't been any recaps for a couple of days because, aside from working 2 hours last night, I took the last few days off. I was going to work Friday night, but ended up with a really upset tummy. I was going to log on after my tummy settled down, but I fell asleep feeling nauseous and didn't wake up until the next morning.

Last night I got a call from a guy who remembered me, although I didn't necessarily remember him. He was another sissy slut who wanted me to dominate, humiliate, and fuck him. He was so sweet and said he'd call me again tonight, but he didn't. We'll call him JSS (first initial, sissy slut).

Tonight's most interesting call was a guy who said he was standing naked outside a barn on his uncle's farm. He asked me if I knew what "molly" is, which of course I do. Then he proceeded to tell me about all of the things he'd done with the different... residents... of his uncle's farm. If he was outside naked tonight anywhere but Florida, he was freezing his balls off, so I'm pretty sure he was full of it. Unless it was some really good shit, LOL.

I talked to this one guy 3 different times. He was a black guy who wanted me to tell him about being in heels and stockings, being his dirty white whore and how bad I wanted his big black "N" dick. I don't know how many times I had to say BBND during that call, but it got old pretty fast. Each call was about 10 minutes long.

I talked to another regular who, every time I've talked to him he hasn't remembered talking to me, but I remember him. He's an older guy who has shared some sister stories with me.

My favorite call of the night was my longest call. He's another regular I've talked to a few times. We'll call him MDW (first initial, dirty whore). I don't think we've done the same role play twice, but usually it has something to do with his girlfriend being a dirty whore. Tonight we role played that I got gangbanged at a frat party where I pretended to be drunk so the guys thought they took advantage of me, but I was really the one taking advantage of them. Then I went home to tell my boyfriend about it. A role play within a role play. It was really hot. And every time he whispered, "your my dirty whore" my pussy flooded. I don't usually masturbate during any of my calls, but this one made me want to. It was definitely a fun call. I was sad when he got cut off and didn't call back. But I know I'll hear from him again. :)

My second favorite call was a guy who wanted to do guided masturbation, where I told him exactly what to do. We talked about edging and prostate milking, neither of which he knew about before this. I did a really good job of talking them up for him. If I can convince just one guy that it's okay to let his partner put a finger up his ass to milk his prostate while she's blowing him, then my job is done. Seriously, guys who've never done this have no idea what they're missing!!! He was a happy customer and said he'd definitely be talking to me again.

Some nights I don't feel very successful because when calls get cut off (without the 2 minute warning that they're running out of time), I don't know for sure if it's because they hung up or if they are cut off. And if they hung up, is it because they didn't like me or because I did such a good job that they finished quickly? I try not to take it personally, but sometimes I do. Tonight I feel like I did pretty okay. :)
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