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12:30am: Okay, it's time to let the sexiness roll. Bring it on, perverts!

1:15am: I think this job may end up killing any interest I have in handcuffs. I am glad to have a regular who calls multiple times for long calls, but this scenario is getting pretty damn dull.

6am: Logged 5.5hrs, talked 176min, 19 calls. Again, the night started off strong but then ground to a halt. No connections for the last hour. I'm starting to think I need to skip 4am - 6am.

I also logged in for one hour right after I got up yesterday afternoon at 2:30pm, talked for 23 minutes on 4 calls. It wasn't bad and I probably would've talked longer, but I was too hungry. I'm definitely going to work on logging in for more daytime and afternoon hours and skip this early morning stuff.

I'd had my account disabled from the UK service and finally just got it enabled again, so I'll be able to take calls for them again. If I wasn't so tired, I'd try to catch some lunch time calls. At least I have that option again. I've missed my sweet, sexy Brits.

My most frequent caller, SHC, called tonight, twice, for a total of an hour. The first half of the first call he talked about sports and sports betting. Then we got back into the scenario. His time ran out and when he called back, we never continued the scenario, he just talked about sports, sports betting, and his experiences in casinos. He didn't call back again after he got cut off the second time.

I thought I was going to get to talk to MBS (first initial, booty shorts), but when I accepted his connection request, he never came on the line. I think he sent the request before I'd connected with someone else and had logged off by the time I finished that call. I was sad to miss that call. I just love the way he always says he's wearing "tight, tight booty shorts" and when I tell him to do something he says, "anything you want, baby." He's a good little bitch. ;)

I realized tonight I have another regular I've talked to several times. He likes me to be his stepmom. We'll call him BSM (first initial, stepmom). Of course, I can't tell you about that call, but it starts with me catching him jerking off because he left his bedroom door open. I'm sure you can figure out what happens after that.

I had one other sorta-regular, a guy who always calls from working in an isolated security shack, always looking to be Daddy. We'll call him SSG (first initial, security guard).

Big Poppa will be getting up soon and then I am going right to sleep. Tonight's shift will be from 11pm to 4am. Hopefully it'll be a good one.


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