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4am: Ugh, my favorite time of night, only 3 guys on the line. Bleh. I booked the dumbest shift ever tonight.

5am: I know the high point of my night will be that the cuckolded, submissive pastor called back, even if we only talked for 10 minutes.

5:10am: Tonight is no doubt my worst night yet. Still an hour to go, been logged in just over 3 hours with only 67 min talk time, 8 calls.

6am: Final numbers: Logged 4 hours, talked 100 min, 11 calls. I think the night would've been better if I'd logged in earlier, but I had to get some sleep first. Lesson learned.

Because I was going out to a Super Bowl party this evening, I didn't book my shift until 2am. I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking, because I knew I wouldn't be out that late. It was a huge mistake, for sure. I was exhausted when we left the party. My sleep schedule has been so out of whack lately. Today I only got less than 5 hours of sleep. I woke up 2 hours earlier than I meant to, but couldn't go back to sleep. I probably should've just made some coffee and logged on after Big Poppa went to bed, but I was so tired that I decided to take a nap instead. I got up around 1:15am but didn't log on until right at 2am.

The first hour wasn't so bad but it quickly got worse. Nobody wanted to make any connections. They weren't even really responding to my messages. My longest call was my first call and it was only 18 minutes. It was a humiliation call, I believe. In the subsequent boring hours after that, I've forgotten.

One call tonight was a guy who wanted me to talk to him about his girlfriend cheating on him with black guys, using really inflammatory racist language and cursing. You can figure it out without me saying anything else.

Another guy wanted me to be his married neighbor. He kept mentioning fucking my married pussy and that we were "committing full adultery". I have only recently learned that adultery is such a big fetish. This guy's greeting said he was looking for "hardcore roleplay" that he had "really deep dark secrets" he needed to get out. Apparently I'm jaded.

As I mentioned, my best call (#7 of the night, not quite 10 minutes long) was when the married pastor called. LMP (first initial, married pastor) was surprised that I remembered talking to him. I recounted our last conversation and told him that I'd hoped he would call back so I could get more of the story. He said that she has become even more dominant, that he has to serve her all the time now, and she has started to humiliate him. He wanted to know why she did it and why it excited him. I told him that it's another form of control, that she is manipulating his emotions, pushing his shame buttons. He told me that he was not allowed to watch the Super Bowl today. He had to lie in the bed and watch girlie shows while his wife was in the other room talking on the phone to *his* best friend. He said he knows they're having an affair and he's sure that she's told him about their situation. When she got off the phone, he had to pay her to have sex with him. We were discussing how it's like prostitution and that's why it's a thrill for him when he got cut off. He didn't call back.

No other regulars tonight. If it wasn't for the LMP, it would feel like a wasted night.
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