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1am: Tonight's calls feels like Cards Against Humanity, and the winning card is always The Biggest Blackest Dick. Yum.

5am: Another night that started off promising but fizzled. Logged 5hr 6min, talked 132min, 22 calls. My longest call was 13min. Nothing worth a recap tonight. Ho hum.

Although the last few days have been slow, I'm not entirely discouraged. Things were a lot better when I logged in for those extra hours yesterday morning. I'm considering switching to a day shift, which may normalize my life a bit more. The problem with that is that I'm guaranteed that maximum $0.30/min rate for all calls between 2am and 10am. Of course, if I'm talking more than 1500 minutes per pay period, I get that maximum rate for all minutes over 1500. The difference would be $75/period if all my calls were during the day. To make that up, I'd need to be able to talk 250 more minutes during the day than I do at night. Hrm... This will require some thought.

The biggest difference I've had over the last several days is that I've had fewer long calls. Those are really what makes the difference for me. There's no way of knowing how long someone is going to want to talk. I do my best to keep them on the phone as long as I can, though.


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