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Logged in 6hrs, talked 198min, 23 calls. Longest call was my last call for 55min. Slow night.

I'm struggling to find any truly interesting calls to write about tonight. My very first connection request was from a guy wanting scat, but he never answered after I accepted the request. I'm not supposed to decline any request, so I was actually glad about that.

I talked to 3 or 4 regulars, and it's pretty much always a repeat of the same call. Their sissy sluts. They want to suck my cock and let me fuck their asses.

I had a few "familial" calls where they wanted me to be WAY too young. They hung up when I tried to steer them into an allowable direction.

One guy was surprised when he told me he had a big dick and I said I was interested, which leads me to believe he really *did* have a big dick. Like he was genuinely shocked. That was a fun call.

I did have a very hot roleplay call that involved stalking/consensual nonconsent with Laura Prepon as Alex from Orange Is The New Black (he asked me what I would want the girl to look like).

My last caller was a very sweet man on the west coast. We didn't really start talking about sex until the last 15 minutes of the call. I faked an orgasm so well that he said that next time maybe I should pay him. Of course, my fake orgasms sound just like my real orgasms. Some of you know how good those really sound. ;)

Before I logged into my shift tonight, I was contacted by one of the scheduling managers who wanted to know why I didn't book any hours for the weekend. I am not required by my contract to book weekends, and I pointed that out in my response. Another manager replied that in my initial interview I said that I have weekend availability. Yes, I *do* usually have weekend availability, but I don't know what it's going to be until the weekend arrives. I haven't replied to that last email yet. I don't know yet if I'm going to.
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