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Midnight: Ugh, I fully intended to work tonight, but I don't feel like faking sexy at all. I think I might just say fuck it and paint instead. There's some tentacle porn calling my name...

2am: So I decided to log on tonight after all, with my UK service where I can just passively wait for calls. Had one call as soon as I logged in and it lasted 42 min. He did almost all the talking! Easy!

3am: On my 2nd call tonight, which was 58 minutes, we didn't talk about sex at all. We talked about the weather, politics, religion, celebrities, movies, Stephen King. Fascinating. He's calling back!

3:30am: GRRRRR!!! There is really not much in the way of tech support on this service. Calls aren't connecting. I answer and there's nothing there. No response from supposed support. :(

6:30am: I have never in my life said "I am a goddamn filthy motherfucking cock-hungry cum-guzzling whore" so many times in my life...

7:30am: Lesson learned tonight: when I don't feel like logging in, do it anyway because I'll get into it. Logged 2hr 37min, talked 107min, 16 calls. Plus the 42min and 58min calls.

I did not want to log in tonight. I hate to say I'm burned out already, but I really was. Sorta. Mostly I was just tired and lazy. I had been planning on logging on tonight, although I hadn't booked a shift, but when it came down to it, I didn't feel like it. A bit later, as I was playing Catan Online, I figured I might as well log in to the UK because I could just passively sit and wait for calls instead of cycling through the chat line. Might as well get my hours in.

My phone rang almost immediately, but there were no whisper tones and nobody there. Whisper tones at the beginning of the call will tell me what kind of call I'm getting. Tame or explicit are the two most common, but tame always end up being explicit. Anyway, there was nothing, so after about 15 seconds, I hung up. My phone rang again almost immediately and the same thing happened. Then it happened again. The fourth time, I got an Explicit tone. He said he'd been trying to call but apparently I couldn't hear him. That sexy guy and I talked for 42 minutes. He did most of the talking, telling me about all the things he would do for me. All I had to do was moan and make noises for the most part, until the end when we were talking about all the dicks we'd suck together and how we'd take turns. He was really very sweet. And it was another call that I almost felt like *I* should pay him!

After a few more of those empty calls, I got another Explicit tone. He also said he'd tried a few times where he could hear me but I couldn't hear him. We talked for 58 minutes. And never once did we talk about sex. It was a great conversation. We talked about all sorts of things, sharing even personal (but non-identifying) information. About many of my favorite topics: the crazy weather we're having, US vs UK, politics, religion esp. atheism and Scientology (we're in agreement on both), Stephen King, psychotherapy, family issues esp. during the holidays. Soooo much stuff. He was running out of time, but said he was going to get more and call right back. I was so excited!

Sadly, I was not able to receive another successful call after that, but I had about 20 empty calls. :( I filled out a trouble ticket and emailed the company. Finally a company rep called me on my cell phone because they'd been getting complaints about the empty calls, me not being able to hear the callers. I told him I'd called from my cell to my landline with no problem. He called my line directly twice, from a company phone and from his cell phone, but I couldn't hear him either time. So he disabled my account until I could get my line fixed because obviously it's an issue with my provider routing calls from the UK or something.

Right about that time I got a text from my other company, begging for girls to log on because there were callers waiting. So I did. And I was busy almost nonstop. My favorite call was a guy who connected with me twice for about 40 minutes. It started off like a normal call, but when he found out how dirty I am, he just wanted me to say over and over things like, "I am a goddamn filthy motherfucking cock-hungry cum-guzzling whore." I dunno how many times I did that over the course of about 20-25 minutes.

I also role-played a guy doing his wife's sister, a dominant pre-op MtF transsexual, a mommy, and listened to an older man talk about how he was invited into the shower with his 31-year-old stepdaughter.

So, all in all, from 2-7am, I talked 207min. Not bad for a night where I didn't want to work at all. ;)
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