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Logged in for 4hr 13min, talked for 121min, 22 calls.

Tonight was a slow night. I am tired and didn't feel like working at all, so I didn't log in for any extra time. My longest call was 19min, a hot Puerto Rican boy in "super tight booty shorts." I actually talked to him 3 times, so it was probably a total of 30 minutes.

I had 3 male Dom calls, which is a bit unusual. One could've been a lot hotter if it wasn't on a paid chat line, I think. He was very domineering and made me call him Master. He actually chastised me a few times and said some really hot things that I could appreciate. He had an excellent Dom voice. Another one of the Doms wanted me to suck his cock and eat "my girlfriend's" pussy while he was fucking my ass. The worst part of that was that I had to make slurping noises constantly for about 10 minutes nonstop. I feel like my lips are chapped after that call.

I feel like there might have been something else more interesting, but my brain is really tired and I can't think of what it was. It's unlikely, though.

Although I've had a couple of slow nights, I know I'm still doing fairly well. I'm not discouraged. The best part of all of this is that within a semi-monthly pay period (twice a month), to hit the maximum per-minute rate, you must have 1500 talk minutes. With 8 days left in this pay period, I already have 1228 minutes.
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