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Tonight I logged in for 6hr 44min and talked for 263min (4hr 23min) on 20 calls. My last call was again my longest at 1hr 16min. And he was FILTHY. My best call was one I should've paid for. DAMN!!!

Big Poppa thought it would be a good idea for me to blog my best calls. Tonight I had some really interesting ones. No marriage proposals, however.

My absolute best call was a guy who was only interested in getting me off. I really felt like I should be paying him!! He said he wanted someone honest. So I have him honest answers to everything except my name (Josie), age (28), and location (central Florida). He was calling from Ohio and wanted to know what my biggest fantasies are. Then he spun me two tales (we talked for about 45 minutes) that left me breathless. The first involved a surprise gang bang, that had a surprise twist in the end. The second was a public sex scene in a bar with myself, a random stranger, and two of my girlfriends. Hey Dirty Bitch: you were one of them. ;) I told him when I'd be working all this week and he said he'd definitely be calling me again.

My most interesting call was a man who said he needed a dominant woman to give him some marriage advice. He told me that he is a pastor who has only been married for a few months. He said that his wife was considerably younger than he is (I didn't ask how much) and that they had dated a year before they got married. He said when they were dating, she was very shy and reserved, but that once that got married she completely changed. She is now completely dominating him. He wanted to know what would make someone change so drastically like that. I told him that in society and especially in the Bible, we are taught that men should be the dominant ones and that men are generally afraid of dominant women. Maybe she was afraid he'd reject her. As the story unfolded, he told me how he was no longer allowed to watch sports on Sundays, that she made him wear her clothes and watch "girlie" shows. Also, she makes him lists of chores he has to complete. And she makes him pay her for sex (she does not work outside the home and it does not cause financial strain or burden, I asked). All of which he didn't like at first but he said it excites him now. He was just beginning to tell me how she has started to talk to other men on the internet and saying she was going to start seeing them when the call ended. I was hoping that he would come back so I could get the rest of the story but he never did.

Another interesting call involved this guy giving me links to MILF porn on the web and us discussing and collaborating what we would do to the women in the photos. The scenarios were generally that they were bored housewives who made service calls and we answered them. He was very much an ass man (as am I), so it was a very good call. Here are links to the first, second, and third photos we discussed.

My longest call was my last call and we talked for 1 hour and 16 minutes. The call would've been longer but A. my cordless phone was about to die any second, and B. he'd run out of time on the system. That call ended just before Big Poppa's alarm went off. That call was all over the place! He sounded very young. We started talking about me sucking his cock. I think. The call was so long that I can't really remember for sure. I know that we discussed things that I am not allowed to write about here on Fet (scatalogical and familial). He also told me about all the dicks he's sucked and how many time he had his ass filled with cum. And we talked me doing some serious CBT on him that involved slapping, biting, stomping, door-slamming, and extreme pulling and twisting. It was a long, crazy call. And he said he'd call me again soon.

Definitely not your average, run-of-the-mill calls. I wonder what tonight will bring.


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