Feb. 12th, 2014

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11:40am: Off to a great start so far! Only been logged in 40 minutes, just finished my 3rd connection and have talked 28 minutes! As soon as that connection ended, I had another request waiting!

6am: Logged 7 hours, talked 272 minutes, 27 calls, longest call was my last (and least favorite) call at 41 minutes.

The night started off very well, but tapered off considerably. It was steady most of the night, even if my calls weren't back to back. My regular, JNY, called about 4:30am and we talked for about half an hour before he was cut off. I don't know if he called back. I waited a few minutes, but then got a connection request that I thought would be quick, so I took it.

That was my last call, which lasted 41 minutes. I actually ended up disconnecting on that guy because he started really creeping me out. It started off just fine. He asked me what I was wearing and then told me he wanted me to lay back and tell him to fuck me, then beg him to fuck me. He was making this jittery kind of moan like he was jacking off (of course) but he just kept going and going. He was telling me things to say, which were okay at first, but then he was going off the deep end, wanting me to say things I was doing to my mom. Not only was it creepy, but I was tired and just over it. After 41 minutes, just cum already! Yuck.

One of my callers was someone I've talked to before, but only once so I can't call him a regular yet. He's a really sweet young guy who says he has a micropenis and is into humiliation. He wants to suck a lot of dicks, be fucked in the ass, covered in cum, and wants me to call him names and make fun of his tiny dick.

Another new repeat customer called tonight for the second time. He's into guided masturbation. We'll call him TGM. He's really a sweetheart.

Several calls from men who wanted me to set them up with lots of cocks to suck and fuck. I swear, different guys, but almost the same exact call each time.

A repeat caller who is into married women, wants to see the wedding ring at all times, always refers to "married pussy," "married tits," etc.

A new caller who said he wanted taboo, further clarified as family play, but who ended up telling me about him watching his wife fuck her hot girl friend. That became a convo about all of the fun I could have with them.

My favorite call was my third call. He was a ruck driver who was really shy at first, but he finally started talking. Once he started, it was great! He told me several little stories. He thought it was hot to use ex-girlfriend's vibrator and suck on it like it was a dick. One time went into a peepshow booth at bookstore with what he thought was a woman who turned out to be a transsexual, which really ended up turning him on although nothing happened. He got his dick sucked glory hole in Arizona. And he once had a 69 in a massage parlor with the masseuse. We talked for 28 minutes.

Tonight was a long night. And now it's time for bed.


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