Feb. 11th, 2014

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5:25am: Logged 4.5hrs, talked 152 min, 15 calls, longest call 53min. Lots of Daddy calls tonight.

Tonight was mostly steady until the last hour or so, which I've noticed is typical for the 1am-5am shift. Things really slow down around 4am.

I didn't have any favored regulars call tonight, but I'm pretty sure I made a new regular. He was my favorite and longest call tonight for 53 minutes. Sadly, I can't remember his name to give him a nickname, but I think it started with a D so we'll go with DBB (baby boy). It started off with him saying that he wanted to lick my pussy and please me. After a few minutes he said something about his girlfriend being out of town for work. He kept telling me that he would do anything to please me, that he wanted to take care of my pussy. Then he called me Mommy, which was fine with me. I went with it. Eventually he was telling me about his girlfriend being a "bad girl," that she was a stripper and she fucked men supposedly "just for the money" but he thinks she really did it because she likes it. He was really very sweet because I was completely accommodating to him, following his every lead. He kept saying, "Oh Josie, oh Josie". And he told me he loved me, that he would think about me and my pussy when he is with his girlfriend. At the end of the call he called me a sweetheart and said he would call me again soon.

I did have several Daddy calls tonight. One was SSG. He was a very quick call. I don't think I'm his favorite girl, although we've talked several times now. I know exactly what he wants so I always send him a message as soon as he logs on, usually around 5am.

My least favorite call was the one where I had to make gagging deep throat noises for like 10 minutes straight. I actually really started to gag and cough toward the end of that one. Truth in fantasy.

This has been a slow pay period. With 4 days left to go, I only have 1373 minutes. That's mostly my fault as I haven't even put 40 hours into it. I've just been so tired. I've got to get on the ball and get that rhythm going again! Also, I think they've either been pretty slow or they've hired more girls, because I haven't been receiving a lot of texts begging us to log in to help out.

And now I'm off to bed. I only got 3 hours of sleep after work yesterday because I met my former coworker from my last job for lunch. I got a tiny nap yesterday afternoon, but it wasn't enough. I plan on logging in early and working late tonight!


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