Feb. 5th, 2014

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2am: A terrible headache is bringing my shift to an early end tonight. Logged 3 hours, talked 103 min, 7 calls. Must have naproxen and sleep.

Out of 7 calls tonight, the first 3 were the only ones that mattered. They were all from the same guy, a young man who wanted relationship advice. We talked for about an hour. He and his fiancee have their respective bachelor/ bachelorette parties this weekend, on Friday I believe. He is of mixed race and she is black. I only mention their race because he thinks she's going to be gang-banged by a few white guys. He doesn't have any issues with that itself. They have an open, open-minded, non-vanilla sexual relationship. He said she is into degradation and race play. His concern is that she is going to get that from one of those white guys and it will be better than it is with him, because he's not fully white. There were several other things discussed, and I did my best to reassure him that, based on what he was telling me about their level of commitment and communication, he shouldn't have anything to worry about. I was really hoping he'd call back after the 3rd call was cut off, but he didn't. If for no other reason than to ask him to call me back after the weekend so he could tell me how things went. I hope I hear back from him. I enjoy helping people.

I'm going to bed. 'night.


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