Jan. 27th, 2014

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12am: And my work night begins... Here's to hoping I have some great calls tonight!

2am: Yay, photo-sharing guy called back! He's great taste in nice, juicy asses!

5am: After 5hr 12min, 228 talk min, 20 calls, I'm taking a break. My fave call tonight was from a man so happy I'd talk to him even though he had a 3" dick. He just wanted me to listen to him jerk off.

My pay period ends Friday at midnight EST, and currently I have a total of 1560 talk minutes. My pay scale is as follows:

Under 499 talk minutes, the rate is 16¢ PTM (per talk minute)
500 - 999 talk minutes, the rate is 20¢ PTM
1,000 - 1,499 talk minutes, the rate is 25¢ PTM

TALK TIME INCENTIVE: If you end an invoice period with more than 1,500 talk minutes you will be paid our best rate of 30¢ PTM for all minutes over 1,500. Example: IF you have 2,000 talk minutes; 1,500 talk-minutes will be paid at 25¢ PTM and 500 talkminutes will be paid at 30¢ PTM!

HAPPY HOUR INCENTIVE: For those talk minutes between 11pm PST/ 2AM EST until 7am PST/10am EST, you will enjoy a flat rate of 30¢ PTM, PROVIDING you have at least 700 talk minutes or more in your account for the invoice period. That’s about $18.00 per talk hour so go for it!

FANTASY/ GAB TIME: 100% of time spent in the Fantasy/Gab room is paid out at 20¢ per minute! Example: If you are in Gab for 60 minutes then your pay for that time is $12.00. (Gab Time is where I am on a party line with multiple people. I would be the only PSO, there is a moderator, and then other callers. I have to be sent an invitation for Gab, but as of yet I have not been. It sounds easy enough, but I think I would rather earn my usual 30¢ PTM!)

Most of my talk time falls during the Happy Hour time period, but regardless of when I have talk time now, I will be paid at the maximum rate until the end of the pay period. :) And although it's not official, there has been mention made of an additional 2¢ PTM bonus for perfect attendance, although I don't think that's in effect yet.

I had a few short calls tonight, a couple of which were even under a minute long, but my longest call was actually two back-to-back calls from the photo sharing guy. I talked to him for a total of 111 minutes! That's half of my talk time tonight! If you don't remember him, he's the one that called me, gave me links to a few photos of girls with big asses, and then we came up with possible scenarios for how the photos came to be taken. Usually they involve the girl being a cleaning lady or made or something. Tonight he shared 11 photo links. Last time he only shared 3.
[4 (my fave)]
[6 (I don't like this one at all)]
[7 (This one, omfg. We called her Britney.)]
[8 (This GILF was Britney's maid, and Britney sexed her up.)]
[11(He called her Marilyn)]

None of my other calls were very remarkable, except for my favorite one that was mentioned in my 5am status update. The guy identified himself as a chronic masturbator in his greeting and said he wanted someone hot to talk to him while he jerked off. He sent me a message and asked me if I minded that he had a small dick. I replied that I did not, so he sent me a connection request. The first thing he told me was that he is 3" when fully erect and it's difficult for him to find a woman who is okay with that, which is why he is a chronic masturbator. I told him that I didn't care at all. I explained that most of my callers lie about their cock size, averaging between 8-10", although the actual average size is 5-6". I also pointed out that in most cases, anything over 7" is too painful for many women, making those extra inches a waste. After that I talked about how I would caress him and cup his balls while he masturbated. We only talked about 10 minutes, but he thanked me profusely and said that he would call me again. He was really very sweet.


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